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  1. 你的blog很特別 很可愛  多謝來訪  有空多再來  謝謝

  2. Hai Christina
    I had leave a message to ur sister to ask about the " address of apartment your stayed in Paris" but she did not reply me ....so may i have it from you??
    Have a nice day!
    Sally <fr S'pore>
    [版主回覆09/01/2009 22:23:00]Hello sally.
    Oh. we really can't give you the apartment address. It is because no body can rent it by walk in. There is not a hotel... it is a living flat. Every apartment rental in Paris need using the  PROPERTY AGENT. Like you rental a flat in singapore. Also you no need to found agent if the apartment which own by Taiwan people. For this apartment, you can search some taiwanee travel site.
    So, I can give you a agent site... you can search the apartment which you have interest. http://vacation.lodgis.com/en/paris/listing/
    By the way, I can tell you that our apartment located on Zone 8 near Zone 9.
    Hope you can get your info. ^^;

  3. BuddyPoke~~ 係咩GAME?~
    [版主回覆09/01/2009 22:24:00]A Application in  facebook!!

  4. Hai Christine,
    Oh i see but it looks complicated....i will try to search the website address that u gave me...Once a again thank for sharing with me, i appreciate....Last i really enjoyed to watch the "Greece clip video" that created by you, well done!!! Please send my regards to your sister and hope my 2nd Paris Trips everything well go smooth.....Good Nite
    [版主回覆09/02/2009 00:15:00]You're welcome!!! Hope you can found a good stay in Paris. Paris really nice place, I hope I can go there 3rd or 4th....HAHAHA
    Also, I love greece most too~  Different feel with Paris~^^v

  5. I am totally agree with you!!! I wish your dream will come true too...keep in touch ^^
    "wo hou losou hoh, like a old lady" hope you won't mind, hehee...


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